Diminutive Robot Lights Up Boston Show

By February 26, 2018Appearances, News, Robots

Zora may not be very tall, but she puts on quite a show. Fresh out of the box, she delighted attendees at the Boston Home Show by doing a Star Wars routine, the chicken dance, and push-ups. She even played rock, paper, scissors with children who stopped by.

The animated robot, produced by Softbank Robotics, tried to steal the show from the other robots in the Life-Changing Products exhibits. But not without the other robots putting up a fight. Ohmni tooled around the exhibit space, proudly wearing the face of whoever called. Jibo cracked “dad” jokes, as one attendee put it. Automower prowled synthetic turf.

But it’s hard to compete with a robot that behaves like a human. After programming, Zora actually introduced visitors to the other robots in the booth, highlighting their capabilities. She danced La Macarena, did the Gangnam dance, and even tried her hand at Vie En Rose. It was a masterly performance.

Zora and her robot friends return to the Boston area for the Foxoboro Home and Garden Show March 23-25.

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