Times-Picayune Blows Out New Orleans Appearance

One of my favorite papers, the Times-Picayune of New Orleans, ran a big piece on the Life-Changing Products exhibit the weekend before my appearance at 64th Annual New Orleans Home and Garden Show. The newspaper coverage, along with a morning television spot on the day the show opened, stoked interest in my appearance.

The best thing about the New Orleans show, though, is that it’s held inside the Superdome. That was quite an experience. From the floor, it doesn’t feel quite as expansive as it looks on TV. I gave several presentations each day about saving money with smart home products or maximizing living space within the home. The show put my name on the big screen displays at either end of the stadium, as you can see below.

The newspaper article, in addition to promoting my next book, Designing for Disaster, due out in late August, outlined my vision for the evolution of smart home products. I was quoted as saying that these gadgets have gone from mere curiosities to useful additions to the home. Most of them cost very little money, but they can take a big chunk out of your monthly home bills.

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Boyce Thompson, the author of The New New Home, is a writer and editor who has spent more than 30 years covering the housing market. Thompson began his career as a writer for publications such as The Washington Post, Governing, Practical Homeowner, Venture, and Changing Times, the precursor to the Kiplinger Letter.